venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Turbomatt - "Omonimo" 2009 @ Wine, Women and Song Blogspot!

Psychedelic, old school garage beat, freaks invaders and dirty roots!

Three-stringed guitar.
Two-stringed bass low.
A battery evil.
After 2 years of playing,
We have halved our tools.
But not our expression.
Pointing the maximum to minimum.
All this are Turbomatt.
The banana peel on the ground.
The pie in the face.
The athlete in the circus trapeze.
Tricks easily discovered.
The horror film makes me laugh.
Modern Sound not interested.
We have surpassed all genres
remain firm in the early twentieth century.
When "Diva" went around with a crocodile on a leash.
There you can find in the night club.
In Paris.
To play six hours straight loads of Absence and Alchool.
With the bowler and the echoes of the futurism in mind.
Or down in the cinema to accompany "The man with a movie camera."
Turbomatt not afraid to be pop.
Not like Andy Warhol.
Pop as George Melies.

Turbomatt - Turbomatt
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