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Mahatma - "Omonimo 2009" on

Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal

Track List:
1. Monoritual 7:51
2. Mud Star 6:52
3. Maharaja's Dream 9:14
4. Murder Demon 5:30
5. Mangoose Vs. Cobra 3:14
6. Mahatma 13:22

Release: December 2009
Country: Italy
Tommy - Bass
Ex - Guitar
Carlitos - Drums
Rating: 89%Media:


Mahatma is a stoner/doom metal band hailing from Italy. Omonimo is their first release and hell I must say it doesn’t sound anything like an album from a fresh band. They have shown a lot maturity in this release. It’s very trippy and clearly a pot smoking stoner metal.

There are six lengthy tracks in this album all starting with the letter M for some reason. Monoritual is the first; very spacious and heavy guitar riffs kicks off the track that are deeply inspired by Black Sabbath. Throughout this entire track I was longing for the vocals to begin but it never came. Then I came to know that Mahatma is an instrumental band. I thought they would be great if they have someone singing like Matt Pike. Anyhow, this whole album is riff packed and flows on with psychedelic guitar reverberations that would please any fans of this genre. Mud Star is like almost listening to Black Sabbath without the vocals. By now the listeners will know what they are in store far. Its simple plain traditional doom metal with psychedelic elements interspersed evenly.

Maharaja’s Dream is truly a very dream like song that would put the listener in a psychedelic trance. It’s one of the best psychedelic songs I have listened to lately. It gets slower and slower with amazing usage of feedbacks. Murder Demons sinks you further deep into the psychedelic chamber. But it changes too often to mess up with your brain so it may not do as good as the previous track for you. The mood change was a big surprise for me (it may be different for other listeners). I enjoyed it though. The shortest track in the album Mongoose Vs. Cobra is a total Sleep’s Holy Mountain worship, which itself is a Black Sabbath worship. The title track finishes off the album with some mind blowing loose guitar playing. The album by now reaches a spiritual stage and takes in everything. It is more of a feeling than listening.

Experience this great album even though if you are not a fan of doom metal. After all, every metal fan should listen to any Black Sabbath worship. So it is absolutely recommended for all the fans of metal.

- Morgoth

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