venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Mahatma - "Gilgamesh" on Sludge Swamp

Oh, it’s about time that I post the new album by Mahatma, one of the most interesting Italian underground bands, and one of the acts that kindly contributed to the Swamp Comp Vol. II.

Mahatma are a psychedelic stoner-doom band from Bologna, the beautiful historical town in Northern Italy famous for its towers, its wonderful and rich cuisine and for the most ancient university in the world (over 1000 years old).
The line-up of this still unsigned instrumental band consists of Tommy (bass), Ex (guitar) and Carlitos (drums).
The Swamp also hosts Mahatma’s first album, the 2009 self-titled a.k.a. “Omonimo” album.
So you, swampers, already know this band and its cool, heavy and trippy atmospheres.
Well, Mahatma released a new album, Gilgamesh (2010), six tracks for almost one hour of mind-warping psychedelic doom travel.
By listening to Gilgamesh you can feel that Mahatma guys like to build up obscure and oppressive, Sabbathian to Wizardesque atmospheres through their distorted and reverbered guitar sounds, although the trippy, hypnotic desert-stoner component enlightens the overall heaviness of sound.
A reviewer on an Italian cult music magazine (Rumore), effectively tagged Mahatma’s music as “manthra stoner played in an iron foundry” …
How true!
The love for psychedelic, smoked atmospheres is maybe a consequence of the fact that there is a strict relationship between Mahatma and the heavy psychedelic band EX, which, you swampers, also know quite well.
The album is cool indeed and varied, as you pass from tracks dominated by obscure doom tunes to tracks where you get lost in the desert or else in space, and there’s always a nice weedy smell lingering on your fingers … And, well, when a track is called “Find the sacred herb” …

The new trip, ops, the new album is generously shared by the band for free download on their myspace (I'm using the band's link below), together with their previous album.
If you want to support the band, first of all, as always, you may show some love in the comment box, and then you can buy the CD digipack for just 5 euro by writing to the band at this e-mail address or through myspace.

Get blown away by this new massive dose of trippy dope

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  1. Hello Dear ExLab / Mahatma Guys,

    can you please update your eMail so I can purchase your wounderful album? =)

  2. Hi Bro!
    Thank you for your request!
    For purchase Mahatma albums please send 5 euro each album to PayPal account or send me a mail, tnks!