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Ex - First Three Album @ Sludge Swamp blogspot posted by Mari!

It’s almost one year that I have these tunes in hands but I have been distracted like a child!
I couldn’t find them posted on the Swamp yet, so it’s time to mend, and also to be a bit more patriotic …

Ex is an instrumental heavy psychedelic-acid rock band from the charming town of Bologna, Italy. The swampers may know this band already from two of the three Desert Sound Compilations from the Perkele portal.
Actually the band Ex was sort of lauched through the second compilation.
The band auto-produced two excellent albums between 2005 and 2006, called Cassiopea and Sleep. In 2009 they completed their third self-titled album, whose fascinating and gloomy track “Stoned Wizard” was included in the third Desert Sound compilation posted last year.

As the Perkele reviewer Alessandro Zoppo (a.k.a. Stoner Wizard) remarked, these guys are one of the best and most creative space rock bands from Italy.
They play a sort of varied, dynamic, gloomy to dreamy, acid hypno rock which gets inspiration from and shares features and spacey atmospheres with such bands as Hawkwind, 35007, Ozric Tentacles and 7Zuma7.
The band has always shared their albums for free (in average quality) on their myspace page.
Since summer last year they also share their beautiful third album. It is possible to get a hard copy of the releases (digipack plus poster) for a few bucks.
You'll find the band's download links below.

Get lost in space …

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