venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Ex - "Abuse" on Dr. Doom's Lair

"Abuse" on Dr. Doom's Lair! \m/

As the summer has come to stay for good I thought I would review another desert monster that I discovered recently from the legendary website Sludge Swamp. EX is an Italian band and I was totally unaware of its existence until recently. Basically, it’s more like the one man project of Eugenio Di Giacomantonio rather than a full-blown band and “Abuse” marks their/his 4th release already.

The most important aspect of the band’s character is their obsession with vintage and more specifically vintage music and vintage cinematography. Take a look at their sweet website and you’ll know what I mean. Also the intro of almost every song is taken by famous movies of the golden age of the Italian Cinema (by the way I totally recommend to check out epic movies like “La Dolce Vita”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “La Strada” etc). Indeed, EX manage to combine the two realms majestically, so that each composition in “Abuse” feels more like a visual journey rather than an actual song.
Full of pshychedelia, acidity and melancholy it makes you think that Italy is a place full of deserts! This album is DRY. This means all the fans of good old desert rock have one more reason to love this one. Of course the Yawning Man ghost is present everywhere on this disk but the band has a totally different character and wakes up slightly different feelings. With some risk of being called a blasphemer I would say that “Abuse” reminds me of a European version “Rock Formations”. Great or lame it’s up to you to decide but I’ll tell you one thing with compositions like “Velvet & Latex”, “Capitol Desert”, “Good Woman” and “Wondering Mountain” it will be hard not to love it. And of course, it can be downloaded for free!!!

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