venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Ex - "Abuse" on Angrychairs Redux

"Abuse" on Angrychairs Redux!

Nice little treat waiting for me in my inbox today...links are supplied by band, so no mediafire today.

Abuse, the fourth full length effort by Italian instrumental heavy psych hypno band Ex, marks a great leap forward in the evolution of their sound. What initially was characterized as "simply" psychedelic or acid rock has now developed to some kind of cinematic desert hypno sound where the band no longer is afraid to use gloomy and intense harmonies.
Eugenio Di Giacomantonio is the man behind the band. Ex went into the studio during 2010-2011 with the intention to do a recording of nine songs he had written since the release of his last same title album. It later turned out that a whole year would pass before he returned to the world outside with what people have heard Ex himself describes as his «Ennio Morricone scores meet Yawning Man». Ex played all guitars, basses, organ, violin and samples; drums and some bass lines were played by friends and special guests. As hard record as it is do describe, as easy it is to love. Enjoy the sonic monstruo!

Abuse (2011)

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